Thursday 26th of April 2018

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It pleases me to inform you that your product: PHYTO ANDRO for men is a wonderful product and my spouse confirms this

statement fully.

It seems to be the one and only "stimulant" that really works even though I am on epilepsy medication.(Epynuton,Degranol and Lamitor). I have tried a number of pills, capsules and drops with the similar claims but none of them works at all. Maybe one or two helps with the erection but the penis either goes flaccid or there is early ejaculation. With your product I keep an erection for a long duration and I can hold my orgasm back till the wife has had hers thorouly and first of course.

Unfortunately costwise I cannot afford to use it regularly or more frequently since it is so expensive or at least the price I pay at the chemists. Every once in a while when I can spare some money from my disability allowance, the first we buy is a capsule and we enjoy ourselves thoroughly the whole weekend long.

Are there any more products that are so good and what else can you recommend that will help me to enjoy a happy married life with the most wonderful woman on earth? By the way I am 60years and she is 53years.

Thanks once again,



Dear Madam,

I have been using your product for two years now and I am totally satisfied.

There is only one glitch though: I stay in Johannesburg and unfortunately I can not find it in any pharmacy. As fas as I know, only two joints carry the Phyto Andro in the Northern part of town (Sandton and Randburg) and their stock usually ends in a couple of days. My question is: is there any way that I can buy stock from you directly? If not, would you please be so kind as to list all the retailers in the Johannesburg area that carry your products?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Franco Petrosino

Good Day!

We are a supply company based in Gaborone, Botswana.

We are interested in distributing your product. This comes as we see the popularity and shortage experienced here.

Actually, we have first hand experience with the product and we have proof of its effectiveness and safety!!




Dear sir ,

I have used PHYTO ANDRO for Him for quite sometime. This is a fantastic product for men who have Erectile dysfunction. Sir , i would like to have a price list of the product.I have noticed that you sell them in boxes of fifty capsules.Could you please e-mail me your price list and availability please .

Thanking you.




I have used your product on several occassions and i am happy with the results. i have long realised that me and men around my age 37+ have bedroom problems. This a have noticed with my friends because most of us are self employed and when the stress hits you it becomes a problem to get it up.

I bought 2 capsules from a pharmacy for a friend and after a week he came back for somemore  but was reluctant to go to the pharmacy by himself because of the look you get from the cashiers.

I want to be your Distributor in my township an areas that have market. I can do this selling it to pharmacies or doing house-to house calls or simply selling to individuals who will in turn recommend your product to others.

I want to start with a box of 100capsules and see how long it can take me to sell it and the satisfaction of my potential customers in and around my town.

Please give price and delivery period.

Kind Regards


Gaborone, Botswana


Good day,

I have a patient that has been taking one of your products - Phyto Andro with good results.

I have browsed the website and would be interested to stock some of the other products for my patients too.

Please inform me of how to obtain it.


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